Hummer H3 (2006-2009) Review and Car DVD Player Install

 The Hummer H3 is a SUV/Sport Utility Vehicle from General Motors’ Hummer division produced from 2005 to 2010.  It is based on the GMT355 underpinning the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon compact pickup trucks.

The H3 featured a two-speed, electronically controlled full-time four-wheel drive system that made it suitable for both on-road and off-road driving. Electronic locking front and rear differentials were optional.

Electronic stability control anti-lock four-wheel disc brakes, brake-controlled traction control, LATCH child-seat anchors, and tire-pressure monitoring were standard features on the H3. Side-curtain airbags were optional until 2008 when they were made standard across. The H3 was rated Acceptable, the second highest rating, by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in both frontal offset and side-impact crashes (with side airbags) and Poor, the lowest rating, for rear-crash protection/head restraints.

The current age we live in is an information age for people. The information is changing our common life. The typical example  is the automotive for people. It is a good tool to support our transportation. Thus, more and more people are attending to have a car. Now the technology for automotive can make people have more wonderful entertainment. In the car, you can see the car DVD players. They are the necessities. And The following is the design sketch of Car DVD Player for Hummer H3 .

Hummer H3 DVD Player Install


With this DVD Player we can have the wonderful enjoyment in the car. And our vehicle life will be perfect. The systems as necessities for car have many additional features to give you much more benefits. You can use GPS navigation to find your best way to your destination. You can use TV feature to watch TV shows. You can use Bluetooth to have a call in the car freely and avoide any dangerous.

It can provide convenience to your daily life. With a car for the family, you will go to work by it and you will have a travelling by it. No matter which reason you should use your car, installing a car DVD player will be a good thing. When you do not know which road you can take to the destination, you can get a help from the device. When you are worrying about being trapped on the way because of the traffic jams, you can get a help from the device. What is more, when your family members are bored or tired in the car when on the move, they can use it to watch a movie or listen to a melodious song.

Choosing a DVD Player means choosing a  different lifestyle. Do you want to make your driving journey ,your life full of happiness ,filled with comfortable? Everyone will say “yes”,so, come here for look .

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Hyundai ix35 Review and Car DVD player Install

Hyundai no longer needs to prove with the ix35 that it can match most European car market standards. It has been doing that since it launched the i30 in 2007.

But with this new model, Hyundai not only claims that it is offering quality for a low price, but it would also have us believe that the ix35 offers SUV looks and ability, compact MPV practicality and small hatchback levels of affordability. If you believe its maker, this is not simply a compact SUV but a crossover vehicle.

most of the interior plastics of the Hyundai ix35 are of the rock-hard variety, but the choice of surface textures ensures a quality look.

The main dash, for example, features pimpled plastic that mimics a softer-touch texture, and padded materials are in key places such as door armrests and console bin lid, while the SE also features a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearlever.

We’re always fans of window and mirror switches that are angled conveniently for the driver, and other controls are easy to reach and locate. Plenty of space for storing items about the cabin, too, and the dual grab-handles where the centre console meets the bottom of the centre stack are a neat offroader-style design cue.

The driving position is a touch upright and less car-like than the Santa Fe’s, while the seat is also a little flat.

The Hyundai ix35, then, offers a well presented and well packaged interior  such  as car  Radio system. people  can choose OEM Navigation DVD Player with TV Can Bus for Hyundai IX35 .

This car DVD Player can be used universally, it  is high sensitive touch screen, supports Digital TV function, There are SD card slots, one is for GPS SD card, the other one is for SD/MMC SD Card. And it is reported the road maps can be stored in GPS SD card freely. Moreover the bluetooth functions you can pick up or hang up a coming call in GPS mode. The Bluetooth function is automatically activated when you turn on the mobile phone. You could use iPod dedicated interface to connect your iPod or MP3 player to the stereos RCA port. Finally, this machine is very power-saving.

Hyundai ix35 Car DVD player Install

Hyundai ix35 Car DVD player Install


The main negative in the rear seats is a lack of air vents, though there’s good legroom for what is one of the smaller SUVs in the market and three adults wouldn’t complain too much about being spread across the rear bench providing the trip wasn’t excessively long. A lack of refined driving manners, however, costs the SUV crucial marks in a highly competitive segment.

And heated (outer) rear seats is a rare feature in any vehicle.

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The Installation of Geely Vision DVD Player

Geely is a Chinese automotive manufacturing company headquartered in China. A pioneer private Chinese automaker, in 2003 it remained the only domestic car manufacturer to lack ties to the Chinese state although another big-sized, politically independent automaker was rising around this time.

For many car enthusiasts  nothing is more exciting and rewarding than taking pride in your car, truck or SUV. At first opportunity car owners will do whatever it takes to customize and personalize their cars. Among rims and the thousands of performance parts the number one thing that most car enthusiasts do is focus on comfort and luxury. This includes providing entertainment for the passengers in the car. Yes, havig a car is not so happy, the most happy thing is both a great car and a cool Car DVD Player.There is such a demand for DVD players for cars that even major manufactures are providing navigation and entertainment packages so that your car will come equipped with all your entertainment needs directly from the factory at a factory wholesale price.

Actually, there are many kinds of Car DVD Players in today’s car market. And this is a working sketch of the special DVD Player for Geely Vision.

Geely Vision DVD Player Install

Superior 800*480 high pixel resolutions, High Definition screen offers wonderful picture quality. It shows fresh color and acts quickly to finger clicks, you can control it easily with your finger or touch pen, you can enjoy a visual feast with a large size screen and the high sound quality. Adjust with the factory steering wheel control, only a few steps to set it compatible, after setup, you can control volume, forward, backward music without leaving your hands off steering wheel. Convenient and safe,when you want to listen to music ,you just sdjust you steering wheel control insteading of the on-off key. And the most imprtant thing is that you don’t spare time to search the path before you set out ,you just need to put in  a GPS map card, you can go anywhere you want to at any time you want.

Further, there is a support for multiplayer that allows up to four people to play during the long road trips. The occupiers can use the built in A/V inputs to connect any audio or video source with a RCA connection. Apart from these, the headrest attaches quickly and easily and the faux leather have zipper on the side that not only hide the device when not in use, but prevents thefts as well. That is to say, having a  updated Car DVD Player will make your driving journey more and more happy and relaxing.


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Honda CRV Review and Car DVD Player Install

The Honda CR-V is what you might call a “doer.” That’s because it can do just about anything. Sophisticated styling with an urban flare? It does that. A versatile interior that can adapt to your cargo needs on a whim? It does that with the one-touch 60/40 split rear seatback. Tech features to keep you connected to friends and family? The intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) helps you do that.

The CR-V also has the exceptional traction of available Real Time AWD™ with Intelligent Control System™ and enhanced efficiency of ECON mode to let you get more things done with less fuel. Hop in and you’ll find that practically anything you can think of doing, you can do in the CR-V.

The CR-V is one of the most versatile compact SUVs on the road – and its elegant design is just as dynamic. It has a sophisticated appearance that’s both modern and aggressive, with deep body lines and a bold three-bar grille.

Safety for everyone is our commitment to providing one of the highest levels of standard safety features to help ensure occupant safety and protection. In fact, the new CR-V received a 5-Star Safety Rating from the NHTSA. And through real-world research, Honda is also focusing on developing unequalled measures of protection to help enhance the safety of occupants in other vehicles and even pedestrians – an innovative idea that is quickly becoming a reality.

Even with such a new car, is there has much trouble with the simple DVD Player. thus, it is necessary to install a updated Car DVD Player for more comfortable and more fanshion. The following working design is the DVD Player for Honda CRV.

Honda CRV DVD Player Install

With the new DVD Player, it likes adding entertainment to luxury, widescreen car DVD player and turns your car into a complete entertainment center. The DVD player comes equipped with built in region free DVD player that can be used individually or can display the same movie by using a single DVD disc. Constructed from high quality faux leather, the car headrest DVD player monitors also feature a built in video game player and to rid you off your boredom.

It supports USB/SD card slot, there are two SD slots in the front panel, one is for GPS map, you may put a card to play other files like music and photo. Also there will be a USB cable in packing list, connect storage devices through USB is available. it is very convenient for you to store or transfer music or photos. Also,you can make or answer calls by through bluetooth just need a simple click. Many fuctions and much more happiness are waiting for you to pick.

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Toyota Mark X(Reiz) Review and Car DVD Player Install

 Toyota Mark X offers comfortable, exceptional ride.

Toyota unveiled Mark X sedan also called Toyota Reiz, successor to the Mark II sedan which was first introduced in 1968. The Mark X was introduced back in 2004 and is manufactured in Japan, Iwate, Kanegasaki. The latest Mark X design was introduced on October 19, 2009.

If in doubt about which car to buy go for a Toyota, so the saying goes. The accuracy of this statement is debatable, however it does solve the problem of taking chances on an unknown brand and instead prompts one to settle for the tried and tested.

The advice might have been useful a few years ago when cars were rather basic with little technology in the form of advanced lighting, electronic stability control, and intelligent damping systems that judge the condition of the environment and compensate without the driver’s knowledge.

That question about which is the best car to buy has become a difficult one to answer as everyone has specific needs. Just as  car interior,  some  people  will  choose  add a  multi-functions car  DVD Player for  entertainment and  good operation. I t  is  not only DVD, also support GPS, Disc , Ipod ,Bluetooth and support Steering Wheel Controls .

Toyota Mark X (Reiz) Car DVD Player Install

Toyota Mark X (Reiz) Car DVD Player Install

Take DVD Player Special for Toyota-Reiz with GPS Bluetooth iPod as an example. This car DVD ATV Player can be used universally, it has 6.2 Inches high sensitive touch screen, supports Digital TV function, There are SD card slots, one is for GPS SD card, the other one is for SD/MMC SD Card. And it is reported the road maps can be stored in GPS SD card freely. Moreover the bluetooth functions you can pick up or hang up a coming call in GPS mode. The Bluetooth function is automatically activated when you turn on the mobile phone. You could use iPod dedicated interface to connect your iPod or MP3 player to the stereos RCA port. Finally, this machine is very power-saving.

Toyota’s success results from 75 years of engineering experience. The brakes were complaint and reassuring, which inspired people to push the pedal a little harder.

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The Overview of Hyundai Sonata and Car DVD Player Install

The Hyundai Sonata is a mid-size car produced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai, from 1985 to present. From the sixth generation onwards, it is known as the i45 in the Australian, Singaporean, New Zealand and Colombian markets.

It has been divided into six generatons which from 1985 to present, among them, the six generation is from 2009 to present. Hyundai commenced development of the YF Sonata in 2005, with a development cost of ₩450 billion. In the Australian, New Zealand, Singaporean, and Colombian markets, the YF is retailed under the name “Hyundai i45″, following the alphanumeric i-series nomenclature established by Hyundai in these markets. It will be badged as a “Sonata” in Eastern Europe, just as in North America and South Korea.

As Hyundai cars have been continuously updated to include new and useful features for the enjoyment, electronic devices generally found in the home have made their way into cars as optional features. Examples of electronic devices that are being incorporated in automobiles are global positioning devices, entertainment systems such as Car DVD Player, TV receiver, CD players, and video game systems, and etc. The use of alternative television screen technology such as LCD has made it practical to provide televisions which have easily visible picture sizes.

Hyundai Sonata i40 i45 i50 DVD Player Install

The miniaturization electronics has also reduced the size of video cassette tape players (VCP) and DVD players so that they are now smaller and yet are capable of receiving and playing a full size tape cassette having hours of recorded programming. The combination of a LCD television and a DVD provide an ideal time diversion for long vehicle trips. More frequently vehicles are being designed to accommodate enable passengers to watch television programs, prerecorded tapes or DVDs, or to play video games, or even to access the Internet during a trip.

And having the DVD Player for Hyundai Sonata , it is very convenient for mother to take care of their children. Families that are not into their cars are getting an Car DVD player and screens installed for the long family road trips. Naturally, many families with children have an auto DVD player. Its great not only for long trips, but keeps the kids occupied on any car ride. You really dont even have to have tons of movies. Kids like to watch the same things over and over again, so having a small stack of choices for them is plenty. One movie could last through a week of short trips, while 3 movies could get you through a day of long distance driving. Kids love being able to watch their favorite movies without having to think about how long theyve been sitting in the car. Its a great escape for them and they are often surprised when the destination is reached.

And also, with the function of GPS it can lead the driver go to the right place despite of searching the right path before setting up. Yes , after all, within a cool DVD player, you dricing journey will add more comfortable and more happiness!

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Hyundai H1 Review and Installation of Car DVD Player

To those famous car brands, in order to stay poplular, they must have their own advantages and insite it. For Hyundai car, the safty is their symbolic! Since its beginnings, Hyundai has actively endeavoured to make the safest car possible. . Today, all of Hyundai Motor Company’s Design, Research & Development and Production are totally focused on to achieve the highest globally recognised safety ratings.

H-1 Bus & Van is Hyundai’s most awarded vehicle.And Hyundai H-1 is a name used by Hyundai Motor.Company in European export markets for three related models. Combining business efficiency with lifestyle practicality, the stylish Hyundai H1 12 seater bus features dual sliding doors and 16” alloy wheels making it the optimal choice for family leisure or business practicality.

Tough, modern style that is both attractive and functional. Hyundai’s H-1 Panel Van has the ability to satisfy every working need and deliver a car like driving with cabin comforts that make sure you don’t feel like cargo.With over 1 tonne payload capacity and rear barn door entry, the van is large enough to fit 2 palletts. To make it even more versatile the van features left and right sliding door entry and both doors are glass free to keep contents secure.

Having a car which designed to keep safe is all drivers hope. Even with so famous car, some people still hurt during the driving trip. it is hard to know that, many accidentd come from the call when the driver are driving. Thus, it is banned to make call in some courtries. This action annoyies many telephone fans. However, now, it won’t become a difficuly. Just installing  Car DVD Player, all these problems will be solved.And the driver will get more unecpectived entertainments. Here comes offers HyundaiH1 DVD Player with GPS Navigation PIP Bluetooth USB SD.

Hyundai H1 DVD Player Install

With a 6.2 inch TFT HD touch screen, superior 800*480 high pixel resolutions, High Definition screen offers wonderful picture quality. It shows fresh color and acts quickly to finger clicks, you can control it easily with your finger or touch pen. And you will get feeling  that you are wathcing the latest film in the cinema when you are just sitting in your car. After you put in map SD card. It is capable to provide destination guidance, with clear voice too, language is depend on your map. It is loud and clear enough to help you avoid getting lost or delaying in traffic jam. Once within the function of GPS navigation system, you can turn it into reality. Also,it supports USB/SD card slot, there are two SD slots in the front panel, one is for GPS map, you may put a card to play other files like music and photo. There will be a USB cable in packing list, connect storage devices through USB is available

There is no doubt that this DVD Player has more features than the above discriptions. You can come to the website for more specific information.

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Toyota Camry 2012 Review and Car DVD Player Install

Sporting a new 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, the new 2012 Toyota Camry is more powerful and fuel efficient than ever before.

Toyota has given its lineup of best-selling Camry sedans a full redesign for 2012, but at first look you might not even know it. Nearly everything—every piece of sheetmetal, every element of the Camry’s underbody structure, the suspension, and all the interior components—is different in the 2012, with only some engines and transmissions carried over. Instead of trying to make the new car radically different, Toyota essentially took a look at the existing car and asked how it could redesign nearly every component to make a better end result for core values like comfort and safety.

The Camry’s new design (yes again, it’s really new) definitely skews toward pragmatism at every possible opportunity. Corners are a little boxier this time, for aerodynamic reasons; front A-pillars are narrower (yet stronger) for better visibility; and the roofline has been tucked up and back just a tad for rear headroom.

Besides, the Camry has never been one for sex appeal. It’s been such a strong seller for its combination of soft ride and roomy interior appointments, and for its strong value for the money, reliability, resale value, and other very sensible factors.

In most of those respects, the 2012 Toyota Camry is even better. Overall, the Camry rides and drives in a more refined, responsive way, and the package and features have been much improved. Thanks to some very significant weight savings, the base four-cylinder Camry performs better than ever, while the V-6 fills a niche for those wanting a particularly strong, refined (yet still budget-priced) sedan.

But now  many  people  will choose  a  better Car  Radio  system. Car entertainment systems are no longer exclusively luxury add ons. Several minivans and SUV manufacturers routinely offer these systems as part of an entertainment package when purchasing a new car. For many vehicles, retrofitting the interior with car dvd systems is common. Aside from the obvious entertainment value of a car video system, there are other benefits to having one installed. For instance, many car DVD systems allow drivers to attach GPS systems for navigation into their video display systems, giving them hands-free access to maps and navigation tools. Next, rear cameras can be integrated into the system to aid in backing up and parking. Finally, as car dvd systems become more prevalent in SUVs and minivans, car buyers expect these systems as standard features, so having one built in will help to maintain a car’s value later in time. For  Toyota Camry 2012, 8 inch DVD Navigation System for Toyota Camry – Bluetooth TV USB  is  a  good  choice.

Toyota Camry 2012 Car  DVD Player Install

Toyota Camry 2012 Car DVD Player Install

Despite a great deal of competition, the Toyota Camry has remained the best selling medium-sized car in Australia for the last 18 years, by no mean an easy feat. It’s ingenuous to criticise the Camry for its conservative characteristics but it’s much harder to argue with numbers.

It would be almost fruitless to argue against the rational aspect since the Camry has proven itself beyond doubt as one of the most reliable and logical choices for anyone looking for a practical A-to-B vehicle in Australia. As for a vehicle that you can connect with emotionally, that’s a totally different proposition.

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Toyota Verso Review and the Installation of DVD Player

The Toyota Verso is a 5-door estate compact MPV by the Japanese automaker Toyota. The Verso was revealed at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show in March 2009 as the successor of the Toyota Corolla Verso. Available in 5 or 7 seat derivatives, it is positioned below the Wish and above the Ractis in Japan, the Verso-S in Europe and the Space Verso in Israel. The Verso is the safest MPV, according to Euro NCAP’s test results for 2010.

The frontal design and smaller door mirrors have helped improve Verso’s aerodynamic performance by up to 10 per cent. This has increased overall efficiency, delivered better NVH and a more comfortable ride, as well as increased vehicle stability.Wind tunnel analysis focused on harmonising the bodywork design, so there was no need to make use of secondary or add-on aerodynamic trim elements.

The Verso interior features the extensive use of new trim detailing and a softer feeling, satin black paint finish to enhance perceived cabin quality throughout. The upper glove box is finished in soft touch material, and the door trim, armrest and steering wheel are clad in extra-soft leather.

This car actually call many people’attention, but before to have it, they may think out one problem which also haunt in other drivers’ heart. Having a car is a wonderful thing to remind, but unfortunately, some car trouble drive away this happness. For a driver who couldn’t tell the right direction, People cannot sure whether it is a good thing. And taking trip with car, is a cool thing, but the noisy of the kids will make they father creazy. However, now,  please don’t worry any more, a car DVD Player will save you. This is the design sketch of  DVD Player for Toyota Verso .

Toyota Verso DVD Player Install

You will not dare to make or answer calls when you are driving. Wireless Bluetooth connection of the DVD Player is available, with this feature, drivers can make and answer phone calls with simply a click, also you can use the unit to play music after you pair it with your phone via Bluetooth connection, and this is much more fabulous than cable connection. AM, FM and RDS radio keeps you staying with the latest news. It is one of the most frequently feature driver use on car DVD player. You can scan and search for channels you like and store them.With RDS, the radio can display detail program information and transmit frequency data for the same station. When you are making long trips, this function allows the radio to automatically switch to the particular frequency with the best reception.

The Gps navigation system will save you from the trouble of telling direction, and lead you to a right destination, also,at the same time ,you can listen to music to relax your tense mood. PIP enables you to open two windows at the same time, this means you can use 2 functions simultaneously like doing GPS navigation while listening to radios. Zoom in and out of the windows at your will.

In a word, having A DVD Player is a wonderful thing. And this special for Toyota Verso has high quality and low price will make your journey more happy.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 120-series Prado Review and Car DVD Player Install

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a mid-size four-wheel drive vehicle in the Toyota Land Cruiser range produced by the Japanese car maker Toyota Motor Corporation. The Prado is one of the smaller vehicles in the range.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is Australia’s best selling large SUV, but do the numbers prove it’s the best large SUV as well?

The Land Cruiser Prado has been exceptionally successful for Toyota Australia. 17 years since it first launched and now in its fourth-generation, Australians have bought more than 200,000 of the Japanese-made large SUV.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is classified as a large SUV and technically competes with the more city-friendly SUVs like the Ford Territory, Holden Captiva 7 and Toyota’s own Kluger. In reality, the main competitor is the Mitsubishi Pajero both in terms of price and genuine SUV capability.

The seven-seater Prado is one of the larger SUVs most commonly seen in suburbia. It has tremendous appeal to families not just because it’s an ‘unbreakable’ Toyota but because it’s actually an SUV in the traditional sense of the word. It’s not a road car turned into an SUV, such as the Ford Falcon-based Territory.

The upside of that is Prado’s very rugged and can-do attitude. It’s eager and willing, feels exceptionally well put together and has the capability to go where none of its car-based competitors dare – even with 2500kg of cargo in tow.  The downside is refinement. Where the likes of the Ford Territory and Toyota Kluger drive and behave like a car, the Prado behaves more like an old-school four-wheel-drive. The steering is vague and there’s a reasonable amount of body roll around corners. The diesel engine tends to make its share of noise, and although the five-speed automatic gearbox is well matched, it doesn’t have the same car-like feeling of a modern automobile.

Sit inside and the interior doesn’t look nearly as big as it should for a vehicle that measures nearly five metres in length. The front seats are comfortable and supportive but the second row seats could do with more legroom. The third row is ideal for children or best left folded flat for cargo. There’s plenty of headroom. Many  people  will choose add a  multi-fuction car  DVD Player for entertainment.

Toyota Land Cruiser 120-series Prado Car DVD Player Install

Toyota Land Cruiser 120-series Prado Car DVD Player Install

Long car rides, noisy kids or just plain boredom can cause you to search for alternative sources of entertainment in the car. When the books give you motion sickness, the road trip games grow stale and the food is eaten, the final answer lies in a Car DVD player. These ceiling-mounted media players allow you to take your favorite CDs, DVDs and MP3s on the road with you, providing hours of familiar entertainment. These flexible devices do far more than play DVDs. Many of them allow you to connect external devices, like video game consoles. Still more, all of the players capable of playing DVDs allow you to play CDs, allowing you to broadcast an impromptu radio station. It also offers an SD card slot, which allows you to display stored pictures on the device’s screen. Several criteria—which we will explain below—went into our rankings, by which we have determined the best ceiling-mounted DVD player currently available on the market.

Android DVD Player GPS 3G Wifi for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado will be the  best  choice  for Toyota Land Cruiser 120-series Prado.

The side-hinged boot door requires a little too much space to open in tight car parks and you need to leave a reasonable amount of room at the back if boot access is required. Some prefer the top-hinged system as it requires less room to open but the Prado’s door does allow easier access to the boot when rear space isn’t an issue.

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