2013 Nissan Sylphy Review and Installation of DVD Player

The 2013 Nissan Sylphy  take second place overall behind the Honda Civic. But the brilliant CVT transmission and longest wheelbase in the class give the 2013 Nissan Sylphy class-leading refinement and interior room.


The 2013 Nissan Sylphy feels nimble and changes direction keenly. Body control and grip levels are highly commendable. The sharp, light steering however lacks in feedback. When it comes down to driving pleasure, the 2013 Nissan Sylphy engages the driver too little, too remotely.


Much thanks to the 15-inch tyres, ride comfort is good over urban bumps and rough surfaces. Road, wind and engine noise are very well-contained at cruising speeds. Adding to the class-leading refinement is the extremely smooth drivetrain. The dashboard looks neat and tidy, with large displays and intuitive-to-use controls. Finding a comfortable seating position is easy, but the steering wheel offers no reach adjustments or audio controls.

Quality + Reliability

The cherry wood trim is convincing enough, giving the dashboard a fine contrast of colours. Build quality is superb and the material quality is generally sound, but some plastics used lack the tactility and polish typically seen in Toyota and Honda models. As for all cars wearing the Nissan badge, we expect the 2013 Nissan Sylphy to be mechanically reliable in the longer term.


Mating an in-line four 2.0-litre to Nissan’s XTRONIC CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), the 2013 Nissan Sylphy’s drivetrain is simply one of the smoothest in the class. The engine output of 131 bhp and 191 Nm is no more than modest, but thanks to the slick, brilliant CVT, all output power and torque are fully utilised. As a result, the 2013 Nissan Sylphy puts up an adequately quick performance on the roads.


Interior spaciousness is one of the 2013 Nissan Sylphy’s strong points. Similar to the Honda Civic, its key rival, the Nissan Sylphy has a 2700 mm wheelbase and features an almost flat rear floor, meaning front and rear occupants are well-catered for in terms of room. In fact, the rear legroom is class-leading, probably only matched by the Civic’s. The boot capacity is also class-leading at 504 litres.
Even  the interior is  good  ,recent time, many  car  owners has  installed a inbuilt multifunction car DVD player. Drivers can straight management the car DVD player while generating on the street via steering wheel control function,

In today’s marketplace, there’s lots of options for installing DVD video in your automobile. Right here, before your make the payment for your automobile entertainment program, you ought to find out something about what do you require, so that you will find the right for your automobile.

Take Car DVD Player with GPS Navigation fit New Nissan Sylphy as example,

This car DVD ATV Player can be used universally, it has 8 Inches high sensitive touch screen, supports Digital TV function, There are SD card slots, one is for GPS SD card, the other one is for SD/MMC SD Card. And it is reported the road maps can be stored in GPS SD card freely. Moreover the bluetooth functions you can pick up or hang up a coming call in GPS mode. The Bluetooth function is automatically activated when you turn on the mobile phone. It also supports connecting 3G/ WiFi modem to surf the internet with a variety of ways. You could use iPod dedicated interface to connect your iPod or MP3 player to the stereos RCA port. Finally, this machine is very power-saving.

Running Costs

Nissan claims the Sylphy can return an excellent 16 km/litre because of the efficient, fuel-saving CVT transmission. We expect both servicing bills and depreciation to be reasonable. The popular Nissan brand, while still not as strong as Honda or Toyota, will enable the 2013 Nissan Sylphy to maintain fairly competitive second-hand values.

Value for Money

The obvious and strongest competitors in this mid-size sedan segment would have to be the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla Altis and Mitsubishi Lancer. Under comparison, the Lancer is the weakest of the four, and the Altis shouts boring even if it looks more interesting now. The Civic still remains the overall class-leader, while the 2013 Nissan Sylphy leads the class in refinement, interior room and fuel economy (as claimed).


The 2013 Nissan Sylphy gets Masumi fabric for seat and door panel, leather steering wheel, automatic air-conditioning, 4 door speakers and 2 front tweeters, single-CD audio player, auto-headlamps, front fog lamps, keyless entry system, reverse sensor, central locking, power windows and folding door mirrors, but wears only 15-inch alloy wheels. Dual SRS airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) and BA (Brake Assist) are standard safety features.


The drivetrain comprising the 2.0-litre with the CVT is not only smooth and fuel-saving, but also low in carbon dioxide emissions. Adding to the 2013 Nissan Sylphy’s list of merits is its class-leading environmental awaren
Quite frankly, it is easily the better car, for both driver and passengers. And it still comes with crucial conveniences such as keyless access and ignition, and a European-style turning signal that winks thrice when you pull it halfway. It is also as spacious, both in the cabin and in the boot.
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