Chery A3 Review and Car DVD Player Install

China’s largest Independent Auto manufacturer, Chery, has set foot on our soil for more than three years now. December 2009 marks the move from Kaki Bukit to the former StarsAuto (first Distributor for Chevrolet cars in Singapore) building in Ubi and had their distributor, Vertex Automobile Pte Ltd, consolidated both Hafei and Chery under the same roof.

A3 is their latest and most respectable model, in this category, to their stable by far.

Not considering ugly but bearing too much similarities to other marques. Just to list the more obvious ones like rear door handle is a dead give-away copy of Alfa Romeo’s trademark, brake lamps shaped like headlamps of Peugeot 206, etc.

It was even sighted with a reflector that resembles a signal lamp on the front end of the front doors, why not make it a signal lamp? How hard can it be to make it as a signal lamp? Are some orange plastic, bulbs and a couple of metres of cables really too costly?

Double exhaust, looking oval, chromed and sexyRear view makes the car looks “heavy bottom” as like how we describe our fellow species at times.
Overall shape of the vehicle have improved dramatically over previous models, penned by notorious Italian design house, Pininfarina. It is typically looking decent, good lines/curves and not too loud therefore should be easily acceptable,

Inside it…
Red car fabric seats with matching red lit dials add a bit more sportiness to the interior.
Built-in integrated sound system sounded a tad too flat and uninspiring by today’s standard but indubitably produces better quality than 2007 Chevrolet Aveo Sedan’s stock, if that is a good comparison. But  many  people  will choose  a multi-function car  DVD Player  for  better interior  and  entertainment .just as  car  DVD player  can  bring many  benefits .

Take Chery A3 DVD Player with Navigation System USB SD iPod TV as example.

Chery A3 Car  DVD Player Install

Chery A3 Car DVD Player Install

This car DVD  Player can be used universally, it has 7 Inches high sensitive touch screen, supports Analog TV function, There are two SD card slots, one is for GPS SD card, the other one is for SD/MMC SD Card. And the maximum memory of SD card up to 32GB, it is reported the road maps can be stored in GPS SD card freely. Moreover the bluetooth functions you can pick up or hang up a coming call in GPS mode.  You could use iPod dedicated interface to connect your iPod or MP3 player to the stereos RCA port. Long car rides, noisy kids or just plain boredom can cause you to search for alternative sources of entertainment in the car. When the books give you motion sickness, the road trip games grow stale and the food is eaten, the final answer lies in a Car DVD player. These ceiling-mounted media players allow you to take your favorite CDs, DVDs and MP3s on the road with you, providing hours of familiar entertainment.

Finally, this machine is very power-saving.

Don’t be fooled by the stout gear shift lever, it only looks short, it ain’t no Short-Shifter, good effort though.

Switch for wing mirrors adjustment feels flimsy but fortunately those two huge “ears” are not something you will keep adjusting every now and then, they are big by any passenger car’s design standard and appear as though you could see the left hand side traffic using just the right mirror.

Headlight on/off switch are of some European designs, not on the lever branching out from the steering column but more of resembling the ’90s washing machine dials situated on the right of the steering column facing the driver (obviously) below the right unglamorous looking air-con’s vent.

Built quality have improved though material used is sadly still only average, gaps between panels are still big but at least now they compliments one another on the whole.

Rear Seats… Taller passengers may be exposed to some risks of bruising their head against the low entrance roof-line, but once in it, the sitting posture is pretty comfortable, a good place for nursing wounds from gaining entry.

Boot Space… There is no figures given but from the look of it, it does seems deeper than most hatches (This shaped more of a Liftback than a Hatchback anyway) BUT boot width opening does seem narrow for it’s size.

Sweet (enough)! Didn’t really had good chance to throw the car around but took one right bend at slightly higher speed than legally allowed and gosh, it took the bend through really neatly. Steering is well-weighted and neutral, very little Body Roll is noticed, partially credited to the rear Independent Multi-Link Suspension perhaps?

 There are no good or bad cars.. the different Makes and Models are there just to suit people of different needs, budgets, lifestyles and egos.

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