Customer’s Review-подробный обзор мультимедийного ГУ mazda 3

Как и обещал сделал подробный видео-отчёт про моё ГУ.

рассказал и показал плюсы и минусы.

продемонстрировал работу камеры.

Если интересно — думаю выдержите))) кто собрался покупать — ТОМУ СМОТРЕТЬ ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО.

заказывал тут:
Цены снижаются!


1. в настройках (пункт в меню) имеется Volume. Там задаём значение, с которым стартует ГУ! Если поставить пару палочек 2-3, то стартует с комфортной громкости!
2. Проблема с моей негаснущей подсветкой НЕ ВЫЯВИЛАСЬ на других ГУ, заказанных оттудаже.
3. после долгого пользования данным ГУ решил — что нет смысла брать ЦИФРОВОЕ ТВ! оно у нас не развито. и туго развивается. Ловит только в центре СПб. Поэтому не стоит переплачивать! берите АНАЛОГОВОЕ! цена такого ГУ сейчас 312$

ЭТО НЕ РЕКЛАМА. это проверенный магазин!


1. зажать MODE
2. появится settings
3. кнопка ТРЕК ВВЕРХ переключает режимы БК
4. кнопка ТРЕК ВНИЗ показывает часы
5. зажатая кнопка ВНИЗ включает настройку часов
6. кнопкой ВНИЗ переключаете ячейки (часы/минуты/формат 12/24) а кнопкой ВВЕРХ выставляете значение
7. кнопка MODE возвращает в режим ожидания.

ВТОРОЕ ВИДЕО — демонстрация работы БК (что-то со звуком. громко не делайте)



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Kia Picanto Review and Car DVD Player Install

The Kia Picanto is a mature and likeable city car capable of challenging the class’s best.

It might be Kia‘s bestselling car of the past seven years, but if we’re honest, the outgoing Picanto is a bit gawky. This one – new from the ground up – changes things. With the designer of the original Audi TT (Peter Schreger) now in charge of the crayons, giving us cars such as the new Sportage, the company is hurriedly untangling itself from its old image.

Where the previous version looked skinny and malnourished around the arches, this one appears more solid – and just looks good, dammit. The bold line that streaks forwards from the tail light to the top of the front wheel disguises the tall sides and shallow windows, and the chunky front end creates the illusion of a bigger car. It shares its basic skeleton with the Hyundai i10, but here the metal hangs more confidently around it, with more prominent creases. The new Picanto is 6cm longer than before, and that, plus some neater cabin packaging, has upped bootspace from 157 litres to 200.

There are two engines and three levels of trim to choose from – helpfully named 1, 2 and 3. But here’s where it gets tricky, as you can’t just pair your favoured engine with your favoured spec – if you want the smallest engine with the highest spec, tough luck. If we listed all the permutations, we’d run out of ink, so let’s make it simple. The best combination is level 2 trim with the 1.25-litre EcoDynamics petrol engine, which includes stop/start. deliver 100g/km of CO2, average 65.7mpg and go from 0-62mph in a respectable 11 seconds. Standard kit includes 14-inch alloys, aircon, fog lights and electric windows. The smaller 1.0-litre three-cylinder is a playful thing, but it’s 2.9 seconds slower to 62mph and only one gramme of CO2 better. However, it’s the only engine available with level 1 trim. For that, you get steel wheels and you have to wind the windows yourself.

In addition, setting up a automobile car DVD player in the vehicle become increasingly popular. It is not only a automobile entertainment system, but a gizmo that can generate happiness. And   the   player  is  cheap, but  at high quality.How important  is that a automobile DVD player for you?



We are in a digitalized world. And we  are usually  stuck in a traffic jam or caught in a  car accident.  But the development of cars is to solve these problems .  What you need is a Car DVD Player with GPS Navigation . GPS offers drivers  the definite condition of the road and helps them get rid of the jam what is more, DVD navigation use the ‘dual-core’ model, and that means the CPU makes use of independent processing systems, and the systems don’t interfere with each other. You can basically get the real-time navigate, and will avoid rush  time.

In addition, the DVD Player is compatible with PAL/NTSC/SECAM TV system, so you can enjoy the TV program wherever in the world, there is no limited. It  presets lots of radio stations, you won’t miss the news what you require. Definitely, listen music and watch film is indispensable, and you can Plays most of the mainstream audio/video formats such as DVD, VCD, CDs, MP3, WMA, JPEG, and MPEG1 and two files and so on. It’s amazing to your family/friends. There is no doubt answering calls while driving is dangerous on highway. But, when your automobile equipped with a automobile DVD Player, it’ll free your hands when answer calls while driving. Because of you can connect your mobile phone with the automobile DVD Player by its Bluetooth.

For  Kia Picanto , Kia Picanto Android DVD Player with GPS Wifi 3G Bluetooth iPod is  the  best  choice .

The new platform also features softer front springs with longer travel than before, so it cushions speed bumps and smooths over cracked surfaces better. It bobs around on faster roads, but a stiffer rear torsion beam stops it bouncing into the brambles. Electric power steering is standard on all models, and assistance is reduced at higher speeds to save energy drawn from the engine, improving fuel efficiency. It behaves fine at parking speed when you need a light, twirly wheel, but on the motorway it’s not so nice, and you have to constantly nudge it back to the straight-ahead position.

Later this year , there’ll be a three-door version, which should look even better – perhaps not as cute as the Fiat 500 or Ford Ka, but the fact they appear in the same sentence shows how far things have come. And if you need a clincher, consider this: whichever version you go for, it will come with a reassuringly massive seven-year warranty. Cheap and cheerful? It’s in fashion.

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Chery A3 Review and Car DVD Player Install

China’s largest Independent Auto manufacturer, Chery, has set foot on our soil for more than three years now. December 2009 marks the move from Kaki Bukit to the former StarsAuto (first Distributor for Chevrolet cars in Singapore) building in Ubi and had their distributor, Vertex Automobile Pte Ltd, consolidated both Hafei and Chery under the same roof.

A3 is their latest and most respectable model, in this category, to their stable by far.

Not considering ugly but bearing too much similarities to other marques. Just to list the more obvious ones like rear door handle is a dead give-away copy of Alfa Romeo’s trademark, brake lamps shaped like headlamps of Peugeot 206, etc.

It was even sighted with a reflector that resembles a signal lamp on the front end of the front doors, why not make it a signal lamp? How hard can it be to make it as a signal lamp? Are some orange plastic, bulbs and a couple of metres of cables really too costly?

Double exhaust, looking oval, chromed and sexyRear view makes the car looks “heavy bottom” as like how we describe our fellow species at times.
Overall shape of the vehicle have improved dramatically over previous models, penned by notorious Italian design house, Pininfarina. It is typically looking decent, good lines/curves and not too loud therefore should be easily acceptable,

Inside it…
Red car fabric seats with matching red lit dials add a bit more sportiness to the interior.
Built-in integrated sound system sounded a tad too flat and uninspiring by today’s standard but indubitably produces better quality than 2007 Chevrolet Aveo Sedan’s stock, if that is a good comparison. But  many  people  will choose  a multi-function car  DVD Player  for  better interior  and  entertainment .just as  car  DVD player  can  bring many  benefits .

Take Chery A3 DVD Player with Navigation System USB SD iPod TV as example.

Chery A3 Car  DVD Player Install

Chery A3 Car DVD Player Install

This car DVD  Player can be used universally, it has 7 Inches high sensitive touch screen, supports Analog TV function, There are two SD card slots, one is for GPS SD card, the other one is for SD/MMC SD Card. And the maximum memory of SD card up to 32GB, it is reported the road maps can be stored in GPS SD card freely. Moreover the bluetooth functions you can pick up or hang up a coming call in GPS mode.  You could use iPod dedicated interface to connect your iPod or MP3 player to the stereos RCA port. Long car rides, noisy kids or just plain boredom can cause you to search for alternative sources of entertainment in the car. When the books give you motion sickness, the road trip games grow stale and the food is eaten, the final answer lies in a Car DVD player. These ceiling-mounted media players allow you to take your favorite CDs, DVDs and MP3s on the road with you, providing hours of familiar entertainment.

Finally, this machine is very power-saving.

Don’t be fooled by the stout gear shift lever, it only looks short, it ain’t no Short-Shifter, good effort though.

Switch for wing mirrors adjustment feels flimsy but fortunately those two huge “ears” are not something you will keep adjusting every now and then, they are big by any passenger car’s design standard and appear as though you could see the left hand side traffic using just the right mirror.

Headlight on/off switch are of some European designs, not on the lever branching out from the steering column but more of resembling the ’90s washing machine dials situated on the right of the steering column facing the driver (obviously) below the right unglamorous looking air-con’s vent.

Built quality have improved though material used is sadly still only average, gaps between panels are still big but at least now they compliments one another on the whole.

Rear Seats… Taller passengers may be exposed to some risks of bruising their head against the low entrance roof-line, but once in it, the sitting posture is pretty comfortable, a good place for nursing wounds from gaining entry.

Boot Space… There is no figures given but from the look of it, it does seems deeper than most hatches (This shaped more of a Liftback than a Hatchback anyway) BUT boot width opening does seem narrow for it’s size.

Sweet (enough)! Didn’t really had good chance to throw the car around but took one right bend at slightly higher speed than legally allowed and gosh, it took the bend through really neatly. Steering is well-weighted and neutral, very little Body Roll is noticed, partially credited to the rear Independent Multi-Link Suspension perhaps?

 There are no good or bad cars.. the different Makes and Models are there just to suit people of different needs, budgets, lifestyles and egos.

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Mazda 6 (2003-2008) Review and Car DVD Player Instsall

In its twilight hours, the 2008 Mazda 6 midsize sedan still offers a choice of body styles and an extra shot of driving excitement to a segment typically known for blandness. However, newer rivals have upped the fun factor, while providing more space, more power and more miles per gallon.

The Mazda 6 is mostly unchanged for 2008. The Sport Wagon model has been discontinued, leaving only two body styles, and the Touring and Grand Touring can now only be equipped with the six-speed automatic. Minor feature adjustments, such as larger wheels for the Sport trim and a standard Bose audio system for the Touring, round out the changes.

Since it debuted five years ago, the Mazda 6 has been the sports car of the midsize sedan segment. Taught, communicative steering and a poised chassis are hallmarks of a car that begs to be driven with enthusiasm — even if the destination is the local Wal-Mart. Its stylish design and driver-oriented cockpit exude a visual excitement that others in this staid segment shy away from for fear of turning off more conservative buyers. The 2008 Mazda 6 still happily boasts a sporty personality, yet provides plenty of family-friendly practicality.

For 2008, the 6 provides a little less of that practicality, however. The Sport Wagon has been killed off, the latest casualty in the American purge of the dreaded wagon species. Nevertheless, the unique “five-door” hatchback model remains. This body style is popular in Europe, but rare in America where even the slightest whiff of a hatchback makes consumers go “yuck.” Still, the hatchback maintains a very sedanlike profile and to some eyes, its fastback profile is more attractive than the traditional four-door sedan. Plus, its 22 cubic feet of cargo space is the largest available in the family sedan market — topping even the full-size Ford Taurus.

All 2008 Mazda 6 models are front-wheel drive. Standard on the i model is a 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engine that makes 156 hp and 154 pound-feet of torque. The s model upgrades to a 3.0-liter V6 that makes 212 hp and 197 lb-ft. The Sport trim level comes only with a five-speed manual, while the Sport Value Edition offers a five-speed automatic. The Touring and Grand Touring trims are only available with a six-speed automatic. The Mazda 6 s will run to 60 mph in about 8 seconds flat, which is respectable, but at least a second off the pace of the segment speedsters.

Revised 2008 fuel economy figures for the four-cylinder i model are 21 mpg city and 28 mpg highway with the automatic transmission. The six-cylinder s model rates 18 mpg city and 25 mpg highway with the automatic. The Sport trim’s manual transmission has a negligible effect on fuel mileage.

Inside, the 2008 Mazda 6 has a clean and contemporary design, with solid build quality and easy-to-operate controls. Most materials are attractive, but they’re a step below in quality compared to what’s found in the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima. The front seats are supportive, but rear hiproom and shoulder room are tight. The sedan has a 15.2-cubic-foot trunk capacity, while the hatchback boasts a very impressive 22-cubic-foot cargo hold that expands to 59 cubes with the rear seat folded down.So  many  people  will choose  to  add a  car  DVD Player   for better  operation and entertainment. just  as  DVD Player is  not only DVD, also supports GPS, ipod , Bluetooth and car steering  control.

Just take DVD Radio with GPS Navigation CAN Bus for Mazda 6 (2003-2008) as  example.

Mazda 6 (2003-2008) Car DVD Player Instsall

Mazda 6 (2003-2008) Car DVD Player Instsall

This car DVD Player can be used universally, it has 8 inch high sensitive touch screen, supports Digital TV function, There are SD card slots, one is for GPS SD card, the other one is for SD/MMC SD Card. And it is reported the road maps can be stored in GPS SD card freely. Moreover the bluetooth functions you can pick up or hang up a coming call in GPS mode. The Bluetooth function is automatically activated when you turn on the mobile phone.  You could use iPod dedicated interface to connect your iPod or MP3 player to the stereos RCA port.  Keep passengers entertained on long journeys by letting them watch movies in the car. They can play DVDs, while the latest offerings can play Blu-Ray discs and read media from USB memory sticks and SD cards, so users can view holiday snaps and listen to their own music in the back of the car.

Finally, this machine is very power-saving.


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Mercedes Benz CLK W209 (2006-2011) Review and Car DVD Player Install

The Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class is a mid-size rear-wheel drive car (Coupe Leicht Kurz or Coupe/Light/Short). While it was based on the W202 and W203 platforms of the C-Class, some styling cues were closer to that of the E-Class.

Mercedes-Benz concentrates its ergonomic design engineering efforts on subtle luxuries, such as seat-belt presenters, automatically lowering headrests when the seat is moved back so that it’s in the correct position for tall drivers, and lowering the passenger side mirror to show the curb when the car is in reverse.

More obvious conveniences include automatically dimming mirrors, in-dash navigation instructions, steering wheel control of audio system, iPod, and integrated telephone system, and cornering fog lamps that illuminate the road when you turn in the same direction as the turn indicators signal.

The CLK is designed to fill the mid-luxury market position for coupes and convertibles. It is Mercedes-Benz’s only 4-seat cabriolet. Its direct competitors in the cabriolet market are the Volvo C70 and the Lexus SC430, although it is available with larger engines than any of its direct competitors. The CLK is positioned midway between the BMW 3 series coupe/cabriolet and the BMW 6 series coupe/cabriolet.

The car of Mercedes-Benz Brand has many features which make these cars are different from others. However, many owners want to make much big dfference in some aspects. Here, so installing car DVD Player is a good idea. And, a special DVD Player with GPS Navigator Can Bus for Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 will be introduced .

Mercedes Benz CLK-W209 DVD Player Install

 7 inch digital touchscreen 800 x 480, which shows fresh color and acts quickly to finger clicks, you can control it easily with your finger or touch pen,with the large size screen and the high sound quality, it will make you feel at cinema when you are watching film in your car. GPS navigator with dual zone funtion, that is to say you can listen to your loved music when you are using the GPS map,and this map will take you to anywhere you want to at any time you want. Do you dare to make calls when you are driving? Now, it dosen’t matter, Bluetooth connection is available, with this feature, drivers can make and answer phone calls with simply a click, also you can use the unit to play music after you pair it with your phone via Bluetooth connection, and this is much more fabulous than cable connection. And others like, Analog TV tuner, Bluetooth car kit, Radio with RDS, USB port, SD card slot, IPOD ready, CAN Bus box to support original steering wheel controls and so on will make you driving journey more comfortabel and safe.

Thus, you can take it into consideration seriouly.

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The Mercedes Benz R-W251 Review and Car DVD player Install

The R-Class is a luxury MPV offered by Daimler AG in 2006 model year under the Mercedes-Benz brand. It is the first full-sized multi-purpose vehicle ever produced by Mercedes-Benz.  The R-Class is built on the W251 chassis, and is assembled in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It is priced between the M-Class and the GL-Class.

It was initially marketed by Mercedes-Benz as a “Sports Cruiser” and later as a “Family Tourer”. The R-Class is offered in two wheelbases, 2,980 mm (117.3 in) and 3,215 mm (126.6 in), the latter being the sole offering in the US.Models using the BlueTec diesel engine were introduced for the 2009 model year in certain markets, with other markets getting Mercedes’ BlueEFFICIENCY technology.

The Mercedes-Benz W251 is an automobile sold as the R-Class. It is a crossover vehicle, similar to MPVs but also to crossover SUVs. Based on the W164 M-Class SUV, it was introduced in 2005 as a 2006 model. It features a handbuilt 6.2 L M156 V8 engine producing 503 hp (375 kW) and 465 lb·ft (630 N·m) of torque. Mercedes-Benz’s 7G-Tronic seven-speed automatic transmission is standard across the R-Class lineup, with the R63′s version of the gearbox featuring AMG-calibrated shift times with shifting buttons on the back of the steering wheel.

It is necessary for a good car to have a nice DVD Player. At present, many owners have the realization to improve the fuctions of the car DVD Player. They want to make their DVD Player more cool and more covenient. Actually, Car DVD Player can add many entertainments. Thus, here it is a working sketch of  Mercedes-Benz R W251 DVD Player with GPS Navigation Touchscreen.

Mercedes Benz R-class W251 DVD Player Install

During your driving trip, you can connect your mobile phone with the automobile DVD Player by its Bluetooth to make the  free hand  call, talk to your friends or your families just by a simply click. And GPS working , you can listen music or watch movie, however, these two systems don’t interfere with each other, and  then You can basically to the real-time navigate, and won’t get lost any more. It will  make you  get no trouble forever. The radio is compatible RDS system, you can listen to your loved music, or the latest gossip when you are driving. How convenient it is! It also can support USB/SD card slot, there are two SD slots in the front panel, one is for GPS map, another you can put a card to play files like music and photo. Also there will be a USB cable in packing list, connect storage devices through USB is available.

In fact, the functions of this DVD Player are much more than the above list. If you have the attention to have one, it is worthy for you to consider serously.

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BMW New 3 Series E90/ E91/ E92/ E93 Review and Car DVD Player Install

The BMW E90 series is the fifth generation of the BMW 3 Series range of compact executive cars, including sedan, station wagon ,coupé (E92) and coupé cabriolet (E93) configurations.

The E90 had broad appeal, and was BMW’s highest selling model of the time and the highest selling luxury car in the US and Canada. It has multiple body styles and engine choices that offers a wide range of performance levels including even the M3 which is based on the E90.

To accommodate this variety of roles the E90 is equipped with a fully independent suspension including aluminium MacPherson struts in the front, and steel 5-link Multi-link suspension in the back. Front brakes have much more stopping power than rear brakes, and one feature of the E90′s suspension was to allow very large, high performance front brakes. Also, the use of steel designed to provide high strength for casting applications allowed BMW to greatly reduce the weight and cost of the rear suspension, in addition, the rear axle can be completely pre-assembled and adjusted with the brake system and suspension.

The E90 also introduced run-flat tires to the 3 Series range. Consequently, cars with run-flats are not equipped with a spare tire. While these theoretically improve performance and handling, run-flats sometimes cost more to replace and can give a harsher ride.

BMW brand stand for the great value and high state, therefore,with the excellent interior is necesssary. At present, many people choose to use DVD Player to decorate they loved car, thus, installing a Car DVD Player is becomming more and more popular, here is a special DVD Radio GPS Navigation for BMW New 3 Series E90/ E91/ E92/ E93.

BMW New 3 Series DVD Player Install

There are many reasom for drivers to choose this DVD Player. GPS navigation system with dual zone function to listen music or watch movie when GPS working, you just put a map SD card in. It is capable to provide destination guidance, with clear voice too, language is depend on your map. It is loud and clear enough to help you avoid getting lost or delaying in traffic jam, then, lead  you to your destination. With built-in analog TV, you are capable to watch TV programs while driving, please note in America and Brazil areas, analog TV is not available. And iPod and iPhone are supported, there is a iPod cable in packing list, you are allowed to watching enormous media files on DVD player, what is more, on screen playlist is compatible with iPod and iPhone devices, fantastic, is not it.

Good car with good car equipments, having one will make your life more comfortable and happiness.

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The Review of Audi A3 and Car DVD Player Install

As a famous car brand, Audi is the symbol of luxurious and power. Here comes some information about Audi A3. The Audi A3 is a small family car produced by the German automaker Audi since 1996. The first two generations of A3 were based on the Volkswagen Group A platform, which they share with several other models such as the Audi TT, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Caddy and Volkswagen Touran as well as SEAT León, SEAT Toledo and Škoda Octavia. The third-generation A3 uses the Volkswagen Group MQB platform.

It is divided into three generations, the first generation is from 1996–2003. The original A3 (or Typ 8L) was introduced in the European market in 1996, marking Audi’s return to the production of smaller cars following the demise of the Audi 50. This was the first Volkswagen Group model to use the “PQ34″ or “A4″ platform, bearing a natural close resemblance to its contemporary, the Volkswagen Golf Mk4. Although the first-generation Audi A3 was replaced in Europe in 2003, the first generation model continued to be sold in some markets. Production of the first generation model stopped in Brazil in 2006.

The second one is from 2003 to 2013.Euro NCAP tested a second generation Audi A3 with front airbags, side airbags, seatbelt pretensioners and load limiters as standard. Despite Audi increasing the protection inside the car for the driver and passengers, pedestrian safety actually got 33% worse compared to the first generation and Euro NCAP gave criticism for the car offering virtually no protection at all on the front end and scoring just one star from a possible four. “A poor result for a new car” was the verdict given for pedestrian safety after the test.

With so great cars, the owner may want to find some equipments to get more enjoyable. Actually, in today’s car market, you can easily find a phenomenon there a variety of car DVD Plyer for driver to choose. It must has its own reson. Driver easily get into the trouble like: losing they ways , dicturb by their naughty kids and dare to make or answer a call when they are driving. In the other hand, these trouble seem a small case for the driver who has a Car DVD Player. Just take Audi A3 for example ,you will agree that. Here is a  Audi A3 HD DVD Player with GPS CAN Bus Steering Wheel Controls.

Audi A3 DVD Player Install

After you put in map SD card. It is capable to provide destination guidance, with clear voice too, language is depend on your map. It is loud and clear enough to help you avoid getting lost or delaying in traffic jam,and at the same time, you can listen to music when you are using the GPS map. Wireless Bluetooth connection is available, with this feature, drivers can make and answer phone calls with simply a click, also you can use the unitto play music after you pair it with your phone via Bluetooth connection, and this is much more fabulous than cable connection and no danger to fear. Also it supports USB/SD card slot, there are two SD slots in the front panel, one is for GPS map, you may put a card to play other files like music and photo. There will be a USB cable in packing list, connect storage devices through USB is available.

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